Allegheny Valve & Coupling, Inc.

Welded vs. Tube-Flow™ vs. Heavy Duty


Manufactured and tested for use at low pressures.

All welded products are produced with 100% weld penetration for greater strength by ASME certified welders

Look for their mark of excellence.

We do not advocate use above:

- Working Pressure: 75psi / 5.17bar

- Test Pressure: 112.5psi

- Burst Pressure: 300psi / 20.68bar

Fittings are individually inspected & randomly tested at our manufacturing facility as part of our quality control program. We do not test every fitting.

- The user should test all fittings at 1.5 - 2 times the working pressure after installation.


Our Tube-Flow Products have a:

- Working Pressure: 250 psi / 17.24bar

- Burst pressure: 600psi / 41bar  

Our Tube-Flow, Welded Tube parts have a:

- Working pressure in excess: 150psi / 10.34bar

- Varying Bursts Ranging from: 360psi / 25bars to 500psi / 35bar.

Heavy Duty

- Aluminum Heavy Duty Tube-Flow™ Parts are made with Schedule 40 Heavy Duty Aluminum Tube for Standard Beveled Edge or Belled End.

- Steel HEAVY DUTY Welded Parts are made with 11 Gauge Mild Steel and are welded by our ASME certified welders.

- Heavy Duty Tube-Flow Parts are made with 6063-0 Temper Aluminum, 6063-T4 Aluminum and 6063-T6 Aluminum and are welded by our ASME certified welders.

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